Alexandrovich Gineyevsky Theodore Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir brd

His Eminence, The Most Reverend THEODORE Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir Alexandrovich Gineyevsky

In the world Vladimir Alexandrovich Gineyevsky, Metropolitan Theodore was born on April 5, 1955, in the Kuban of the Otradnaya Region, where he grew up surrounded by catacomb Christians. In 1972, while living in Makhachkape, he became acquainted with the then-Archimandrite Valentine (Rusantsov) and became his spiritual son. Over the next several decades, he became Archimandrite Valentine's irreplaceable assistant. In 1973, he followed Fr Valentine to Suzdal where he was appointed reader in the Kazan church. In 1976 he was tonsured into monasticism. He was later ordained first as hierodeacon and then as priest of the St Constantine cathedral in Suzdal, and finally to the rank of hegumen. Supporting the labors of Archimandrite Valentine, he took a most active part in the regeneration of church life in Suzdal.

In 1990, following the initiation of the persecution of Archimandrite Valentine, he petitioned for retirement, and together with Archimandrite Valentine and the Suzdal believers, he transferred to the Russian Church Abroad. He was then raised to the rank of archimandrite, became secretary of the Suzdal Diocesan Administration, and undertook great labors to regulate the life of the diocese.

On March, 19, 1994, in accordance with a decision of the Temporary Higher Administration of the Russian Orthodox Church, he was consecrated as Bishop of Borisovskoye and Sanino, a vicariate of the Suzdal Diocese. As a result of intrigue initiated by Archbishop Mark and his faction, the consecration was not immediately recognized by the Hierarchal Council of the ROCA. Following the reconciliatory Lesna Council of the ROCA in December of 1994, the foreign bishops recognized his consecration and invited Bishops Theodore and Seraphim to a session of the Hierarchal Synod of the ROCA in New York. Trampling upon their expressed word, at this session, the Hierarchal Sobor revealed their true motive for inviting the Russian Bishops to New York, imposing uncanonical bans on the Russian Bishops. Archbishop Valentine and Bishops Theodore and Seraphim were informed by this Hierarchal Sobor (which wished to remove them as a cause of trouble with the Moscow Patriarchate) that they would remain bishops only if they would agree to never return to Russia, accepting instead residence in another remote place such as Australia. As mentioned previously, at the diocesan assembly of the Suzdal Diocese and the sessions of the THCA, it was decided to cease submission to the Hierarchal Council of the ROCA in view of its uncanonical policies. Since 1996 Metropolitan Theodore has served as secretary, and then as chancellor of the Hierarchal Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROAC). In 2012, he became Metropolitan of ROAC after the death of Metropolitan Valentine.

Metropolitan Theodore is ardently loved by the believers for his kind and simple manner and unfailing goodwill. In the diocese and Synod he bears a huge load of administrative work and carries out numerous pastoral journeys.